The UASC health project has been working closely with stakeholders using an action research process to develop ways of working that take into account the complexity of need, the bespoke nature of care required and the mechanisms that support multi-agency and clinicians working with this cohort of children.

Our aim is to share our learning and the resources we have developed to support other authorities and health systems in the UK working with UASC. We have drawn up the following pages from which you can access the resources to support the work you are doing.

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The health needs assessment was undertaken by Rachel Coyle, Public Health Registrar and Samantha Bennett, Public Health Consultant in Kent County Council. The health needs assessment was supported by the Kent UASC Project Team. The assessment is the most detailed and in-depth research into the health needs of the current population of UASC in Kent. The findings have helped to inform and focus current and future resourcing and commissioning.

The Kent Transformation Plan for Children, Young People and Young Adults  outlines how all partners in Kent will transform emotional wellbeing and mental health services between 2015 and 2019. The transformation programme across Kent has funded the  Emotional Health and Wellbeing Action Research Project – so that we can better understand the emotional health and wellbeing needs of our UASC population.

Freedom from Torture, formerly the Medical Foundation for the Care of Victims of Torture, has been working for more than 30 years to provide direct clinical services to survivors of torture who arrive in the UK, as well as striving to protect and promote their rights.

Since its inception, over 50,000 individuals have been referred for help. Thanks to the dedication of staff and volunteers – as well as scores of passionate supporters and funders – thousands of torture survivors have been able to rebuild their lives in incredibly difficult circumstances.

Advice and information for professionals working with children in Kent.